TVTap Pro Alternatives | Similar Apps Like TVTap Pro App (Updated List)

TVTap Pro Alternative Apps | Similar Apps Like TvTap APK: TVTap is an immensely popular video streaming application and is the best in its category. With 500+ HD Channels from all over the globe, the entertainment never stops on TvTap APK. Hence, if you are facing certain issues with TvTap then we recommend trying upgrading the application first before trying any other alternative application. However, if the issues still remain unresolved then there is, absolutely, no need to worry as the development team of TvTap will fix the same soon.

You must know that majority of the issues which the users might face with TvTap Pro are server related. Since the number of users of TvTap is growing with each passing day, server related issues are bound to come. But, the development team working behind TvTap has ensured that all the server related issues will be resolved soon as the team is currently working on incorporating more servers and migrating to high-end servers. Till then, you are welcome to try out the following TvTap Pro Alternative applications. Check Complete guide on “TVTap Pro Apk Updated Version Installation Guide“.

Apps Like TvTap | TvTap Pro Alternative Apps

Though it is pretty tough to list out the alternatives of a great application like TvTap, however, the ones mentioned below are good enough to solve your purpose temporarily till TvTap Pro comes online.

  • Live Lounge (Live TV)

Live Lounge is a Live TV Application whose name often crops out with TvTap. Though the user interface of the application is not that much appealing; it has considerable stuff present in it. Moreover, this application receives multiple updates in a single month. Hence, the latest content will be available in the application well on time. The application hosts various categories like TV Shows, Movies, Live IPTV, and Sports etc.

Live Lounge TV - TVTap Perfect Replacement
Live Lounge TV – TVTap Perfect Replacement

Hence, if you really have to stay away from TvTap Pro for a while then Live Lounge is your best option.

  • CKay TV (Live TV)

CKay TV is second on our list and is quite a big name itself in the category of Live TV applications. Just like TvTap CKay TV also hosts more than 500 Live TV Channels in HD. Moreover, if you are a sports fan then CKay TV is probably the best for you after TvTap. The application is exceedingly good in providing streaming services of sports channels.

CKayTV App - Alternative to TVTap Pro APK
CKayTV App – Alternative to TVTap Pro
  • Snappy Streamz Live TV

Snappy Streamz Live TV Application is considerably old in the field; however, it still manages to compete with the top players of the arena. In fact, Snappy Streamz manages to get a spot in top three Live TV applications in the current market. Using Snappy Streamz is pretty easy as it doesn’t require you to download an external player for playback. The internal player of the application is enough to play all the Live TV content.

Snappy Streamz App Alternative
Snappy Streamz App

The good thing about Snappy Streamz is that buffering issues come up pretty less as compared to other relative applications. Also, Have a check on “TVTap Pro(TVTap App) Installation Guide on iOS Devices“.

  • Live Planet TV

This application, true to its name, is like having an entire planet itself in your Android device. While other relative applications might provide you 500 or 700 plus channels, Live Planet TV application provides you with 2000+ TV channels from all over the globe. Hence, entertainment is truly infinite with Live Planet TV. All the major players like MX Player, XMTV Player etc. are supported by the application.

Live Planet TV App - Similar TVTap Pro App
Live Planet TV App – Similar TVTap Pro App
  • Master Pocket TV

Standing above Live Planet TV in terms of a sheer number of channels available, Master Pocket TV provides you access to about 5000+ TV channels from all across the planet. Even with such a big number of channels available, the user interface of the application is pretty convenient and easy to understand. One can access his/her favorite content in a matter of few clicks.

  • Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV is a new player in the field; however, it has garnered enough number of loyal users under its hood. The entire credit of this goes to the hard-working development team of the application which makes sure that the latest content is available to the users well in time.

Morpheus TV - Alternative to TVTap Pro App
Morpheus TV – Alternative to TVTap Pro App

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Final Words – Apps like TvTap Pro | Similar Apps & TVTap Pro Alternatives

So, these are the few applications which you can depend upon in case you require staying away from TvTap for a while. There are some honorable mentions as well like RedBox TV, Live Net TV etc. If you are utilizing any other TvTap Pro alternative which is not mentioned in the above list and you are pretty much satisfied with it then let us know about the same in the comments section provided below and we will make that application a part of our list of best TvTap Pro alternatives.

TVTAP Pro on Roku | Install TvTap on Roku Devices

Download TvTap Pro on Roku: If you love watching a particular TV Show but, due to your hectic daily routine, you are missing on its episodes then this post is for you. In this post, we are going to introduce TvTap Pro Application which features popular TV Channels from various countries like USA, UK, Russia, Spain, Canada, India etc. In totality, the application hosts more than 500 Live TV Channels in HD. It is because of this sheer number of channels that TvTap Pro has received an immense amount of love from TV Fans all over the world. TvTap Pro is already launched for iOS devices such as iPhone/iPad, you need to check out this guide to know further: Install TVTAP App on iOS (iPhone/iPad).

tvtap pro on ROKU
Download and Install the latest TVTAP PRO APK on ROKU

The Live TV Channels that the application hosts, belongs to 9 different categories namely Movies, Music, Sports, News, Documentaries, Entertainment, Kids, and Food etc. Hence, it doesn’t matter which category of TV Shows you love, TvTap Pro has something for everybody. The development team working behind the scenes ensures that the users of TvTap Pro get to enjoy an amazing experience while using the application. The beauty of TvTap Pro is that you can even install the application on your Roku device and that’s what we are going to cover in this post. More over that, TvTap PRO works like a charm on Android Box, Kodi and Chromecast.

TvTap Pro on ROKU | Features of TvTap Pro on ROKU: 

Before we proceed to the installation steps, it is mandatory to share with you the fantastic features of TvTap Pro. The user interface of the application is simple and easy to understand at the first run itself. In the application, the countries are listed and you require tapping on any country to view the channels covered by TvTap Pro for that country. Following are some more major features of the application. If you don’t have Roku or firestick, just check out TVTAP Pro on PC using this guide:  TVTap APK on Windows 10/8/8.1 &Mac Laptop.

  • Favorite channels can be added to ‘Favorites.’ A ‘Recently Watched’ category is also there which lets you access the content which you recently watched.
  • EPG – Electronic Program Guide – is present in the application and you can use the same to get to know the schedule for a particular channel.
  • Go Player is inbuilt in TvTap Pro on Roku. However, MX Player can also be utilized for playing content.
  • You don’t need to share any details before using the application. There is no Sign-Up or Login process. Just install the application and dig in straight away.
  • High-Speed Servers are present for the TvTap Pro for Roku. Hence, as of now, there are no complaints of buffering from the users of TvTap Pro.
  • It is an extremely lightweight application, not occupying more than 30 MB of space.

You really need to check out the most updated TVTAP PRO on Firestick or Fire TV from this guide, we are pretty sure that you guys gonna love it : Install TVTap PRO on Fire TV and Firestick .

The feature set of TvTap Pro is, indeed, impressive. Are you eager to install TvTap Pro on your Roku device? Not delaying further, following are the steps that you require following in order to install TvTap Pro on Roku.

Download & Install TVTap PRO APK on ROKU (STEPS)

  • As a first, you require downloading TvTap Pro APK file. You can get the same from here.


  • Next, you require installing the APK on your Android device first. For this, you require toggling on the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ from Settings -> Security of your Android device.


  • Now make sure that the Roku TV and your Android device are connected to the same network.
  • From your Android device, please navigate to Settings -> Display -> Cast Screen. Under the ‘Cast Screen’ option please tap on ‘More Options’ and you will get to see ‘Enable Wireless Display.’ Please activate the same by check marking the box against it.
  • Now, you will be able to see the list of connected devices. Roku TV will be present in the list. Select the same.
  • Post selecting Roku TV, your Android device will get synchronized with your Roku TV. Now, you will be able to utilize the TvTap Pro Application on your Roku TV as well.

Tv Tap App Download on ROKU

  • That’s it! Watch your favorite TV show on Roku TV.

Latest TVTAP on ROKU

  • Alternatively, you can use the application ‘Local Cast’ as well for syncing your Android device with Roku TV. The application is available in the Google Play Store.

Got any errors while using TvTap PRO on your devices? check out the fix from here: [FIX] TvTap Not Working, Server Issues, Not Loading, Buffering and All Errors.

Conclusion: Download and Install TVTap PRO on ROKU

These were the steps through which you can enjoy TvTap Pro on Roku. If you face any issues during the process or have any questions to ask, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

TVTAP PRO APK: Download TVTAP PRO APK on Android (Updated)

If you cannot handle mega doses of unlimited entertainment then you mustn’t go ahead. This post is leaking entertainment from all corners as we are going to introduce TvTap Pro APK which provides you access to 500+ HD channels from all across the globe. Be it UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Russia, India or whatsoever country you can think of; Download TvTap Pro APK has got the TV channels of that nation. Though it has been just a month since the launch of TvTap Pro Apk; the application has garnered an immense number of users under its hood.

tvtap pro apk download
Download and Install the latest TVTAP PRO APK on Android

Channels are present from 9 different categories including movies, music, sports, news, documentaries, entertainment, kids, food etc. Hence, there is something for everybody in this amazing application. The hard-working development team behind the application is the main reason for the application achieving a tremendous amount of success in a short while.


TvTap Pro APK can be installed smoothly on your Android mobile/tablet. However, prior to sharing the download and installation steps of the same, it is mandatory that we share with you the amazing features of this fantastic Live TV application. TVTAP PRO APK is completely Ad free and you can watch free shows under that:

  • You can add your favorite channels to a folder named as ‘Favorites’ and thereafter you can access them directly without having to search for them all over again in TVTAP PRO APK. Apart from ‘Favorites’, there is a category of ‘Recently Watched.’
  • You can check the Schedule of TV shows in accordance with a particular channel. All schedules are listed in the application itself under the Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • In Latest TvTap Pro APK Schedules for TV shows can be setup in the application under the ‘Schedule’ section. You will be notified when the show which you have scheduled is about to begin.
  • Chromecast is supported by the application. Hence, you can cast your favorite content on the big screen of your television or computer. Moreover, the application is completely optimized to play content on the big screen.
  • TvTap Pro Ad free APK has Go Player inbuilt. However, you can also play the content utilizing MX Player.
  • You don’t require signing into the application. There is nothing like taking a membership plan or joining a program. Just download and install the application and jump in straight away. There is nothing like a login screen in this application. Hence, neither you require providing your mobile number nor your email address to the application.
  • The user interface of the TvTap PRO APK  is highly elegant and you won’t face any issues navigating through the application. When you will launch the application you will see the names of various countries. Simply, select any country and you will be presented with a list of channels belonging to that country.
  • The content is played through high-speed servers making TvTap Pro Apk a buffer free application. Of course, you need to have a good internet connection for the purpose.
  • TvTap Pro Apk is a lightweight application and doesn’t occupy more than 30 MB of space on your Android mobile and this is one of the major reasons behind its immense popularity.
  • Last, but not the least, for installing updated TvTap Pro V 1.8 APK you needn’t root your Android device.

These are only some of the major features available in TvTap Pro Apk. To get a complete experience you require downloading and installing the application. Before we start with the same please go through the essential statistics of TvTap Pro Apk.

TvTap Pro APK for Android Mobile/Tablets – Configuration:

Please note that your Android mobile/tablet ought to be running on Android 4.2+ in order to install TvTap Pro Apk. Moreover, please ensure that you have at least 27.5 MB of free space on your Android mobile for a smooth and hassle-free installation.

Hence, you can see that TvTap Pro APK doesn’t ask much from you, instead, it is made to provide you with unlimited entertainment, 24/7, right underneath your fingertips. Now, finally, let us lay down the simple download and installation steps of TvTap Pro Apk on Android mobile/tablet.


  • As a first, please navigate to Settings -> Security from your Android mobile and turn on the option of Unknown Sources. This is required as we are downloading the application from a third party source.


  • Next, please download the latest  TVTAP PRO APK  file from here.

Download TVTAP PRO APK for Android

Download TVTap Pro APK (Updated V1.8 Version)

  • Wait for the TVTAP PRO V1.8 APK  file to downloaded successfully. Once the download is complete, please navigate to the location where the TvTap Pro Ad free APK  file has downloaded.
  • Tap on the TvTap Pro Apk file to start with the installation process.
  • On the subsequent window, you will be asked to provide required permissions to TvTap Pro. Tap on ‘Install’ to provide the same and continue with the installation process.
  • Simple on-screen instructions will be displayed in front of you and you require following the same. In the last window hit the ‘Install’ button to allow the Setup to start installing TvTap Pro Apk on your Android smartphone.

  • It is expected from you to be patient this time as the installation process might take some additional minutes to complete. Once the installation process is over tap on ‘Finish’ and head to the home screen of your Android mobile/tablet.

  • On the home screen, you will be able to locate the icon of TvTap Pro APK. Simply launch the application and witness a plethora of entertainment unfold in front of your very eyes.

Install Latest TVTAP PRO APK for Android Phone/Tablets | TVTAP PRO APK

So, these were the features and simple download and installation steps for TvTap Pro Apk on Android mobile/tablets. We hope you are clear with everything. In case you have any doubts in your mind or have any additional questions to ask feel free to reach to us with your queries via the comments section provided below.

We will be happy to help you. Also, we will love to hear back your experience of utilizing TvTap Pro Apk on your Android mobile/tablet. This Ad free TVTAP PRO APK will help you to watch videos without ads.

tvtap pro on ROKU

Install TVTap on Fire TV & Firestick | TVTap APK on Firestick

If you are in possession of a Firestick or a Fire TV and want to access Live TV for free then you are at the right place dude. Your wish will get fulfilled today. In this post, we are going to tell you about an application named as TvTap for Fire TV and Firestick which you can easily install on your Firestick or Fire TV and watch free Live TV Channels through the application. TvTap is a streaming application which enables you to watch live TV channels in high definition. Please note that TvTap was earlier known as UkTvNow. Hence, if you are using any live TV application, which is paid, it is time that you switch to TvTap as you don’t require paying even a single penny for using the services of TvTap.

With TvTap for Firestick, you can access more than 1000 variety of channels encompassing over 15 countries of the world. The channels cover various categories like Science, sports, kids, news, movies and much more. This makes TvTap a one-in-all TV package. Please note that the developers haven’t made any specific version for Firestick or Fire TV. They have released TvTap Apk. However, using the same Apk file; we are going to share with you the process to Install TvTap PRO on Firestick or Fire TV. Let’s have a look at the download and installation process.

Download & Install TVTap APK on Fire TV & Firestick [Methods]

For your provision, we are providing two ways through which you can Install TvTap on Firestick or Fire TV. You can use any one method as both are quite simple.

Method 1:

  • First and foremost, please launch your Firestick device and navigate to Settings -> Device -> About -> Developer Options and toggle on the option of ADB Debugging.
  • Moreover, in the same place, you will also find an option of Unknown Sources. Please toggle on that as well.
  • In case you are installing TvTap on Fire TV then, from the same place, you require toggling on USB Debugging as well.
  • Next, you need to search for ‘Downloader’ application and install the same on your Firestick or Fire TV.
  • Once the application has been installed please launch the same and from Settings of the application toggle on JavaScript.

  • Next, you will be able to locate the option of download for Firestick. Tap on the same and once the download is completed hit the ‘Install’ button to Install TvTap on your Firestick.

Android Devices (Mobiles/Tablets): Download Tv Tap PRO Apk (Updated Version) with License Key

iOS Users(Update on iPhone/iPad): TvTap PRO App Download on iOS(iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak.

Method  2:

  • First and foremost, from the search option of Firestick device, search for Firelinked.

  • Once you locate the application click on the ‘Download’ button. Post downloading the Firelinked application launch the same and you will be asked to enter a code.

  • For that, you require entering 085702 and you will get the download link of TvTap.

  • Download the application and Install it.

That’s it and now you can watch live tv on your Firestick using TVTAP for Firestick. We have updated this to the latest version. so you can enjoy the unlimited fun.

Conclusion: Download and Install TVTap Pro on Firestick or Fire TV 

So, these were the two methods through which you can Install TvTap on your Firestick or Fire TV. What are you waiting for now? Install TvTap and enjoy Live TV channels on your Firestick or Fire TV. In case you get stuck anywhere during the installation process or have any additional question to ask please feel free to utilize the comments section for the same. We will be happy to help you.

TvTap on Kodi – Download and Install TV Tap Apk Addon on Kodi (Guide)

How to install TvTap Add-on for Kodi: To stream and to view live television, we can find a lot of applications which are available in the market to download and utilize it. Among those applications, a TvTap application is considered to be one of the best applications to stream live channels. The main reason is it has a lot of options where one can easily make use of it.

TvTap App Download on Kodi
TvTap App Download on Kodi Devices

If you are looking for a TvTap application to get installed on Kodi device, then you are in the right place to take part in this discussion. We also have complete step by step guides on “Tv Tap Apk Installation on FireStick, Fire TV & Fire TV Cube“.

Features of TvTap on Kodi

Before going to install the application, it is always crucial for you to know about the features. Let’s have a look at some of the features for future reference.

  • To use this application, it doesn’t require any registration process
  • It will support all the Android devices
  • When it comes to the design of this application, it is quick and easy to access
  • You can stream Live TV shows from any country
  • Without experiencing any buffer, you can watch the videos

These are some of the exciting features where you can experience once started to use it.

Flash Update: TvTap App Download on iOS & Tv Tap Apk Install on Windows & Mac PC.

Start Installing TvTap Kodi Add-on

For information, Kodi is considered to be the free as well as open source software. If you love to watch movies, TV shows, and sports, then this is specially designed for it. By using Kodi, one can easily convert the devices or PC into a streamer. So, we all know that what exactly the Tvtap application is. Now, we can install the TvTap application on Kodi. Get this Guide to Fix if you are facing any errors with this awesome Tv Tap App.

Steps to follow: Tv Tap on Kodi | TvTap Apk on Kodi

  • At first, all you need to search for the TvTap add-on zip file and start to download it
  • After the above process is completed, you should launch the Kodi software on a device by visiting System setting -> File Supervisor -> Add source -> None.
  • Now, it is essential for you to type and then tap on the option “Done”.

    Tv Tap Installing on Kodi
    Tv Tap Installing on Kodi
  • You need to show up the below box and then name it for media Source as (.bliss) and then click OK. Now, get back to the home screen of Kodi.
  • When it comes to ON Kodi 17 Krypton, all you need to select Add-ons -> Include – on Browser.
  • After moving the add-on browser, now you can go ahead with On Kodi 16 or earlier. Now, select System -> Add-Ons.
  • Choose Install from Zip file -> .bliss -> and then you need to wait for enabling the notification.

    Tv Tap Kodi Addon Working with UpdateTv Tap Kodi Addon Working with Update
    Tv Tap Kodi Addon Working with Update
  • When it comes to installing Tvtap Kodi add-on, you need to choose to Install from Repository -> Bookmark Lite -> Video Add-ons -> TvTap and Install, then wait for add-on notification.

    TvTapp Kodi Addon Installation
    TvTap Kodi Addon Installation
  • Now, successfully installed with Tvtap Kodi Addon.

    Tv Tap App Download on Kodi
    Tv Tap App Download on Kodi
  • It is the time for you to open Tvtap and check out the various categories like Sports, Movies and more on the home screen
  • You can choose any one of them and start to stream as per your convenience.

Also, Do check our complete guide on “Tv Tap on Chromeast (Step by Step Guide)“.

We have covered every detail about TvTap on Kodi. If you still have any queries in your mind, please feel free to ask us in comments.

TvTap on Chromecast: How to Cast or Stream Setup Guide

TvTap is highly popular for its amazing features and helps to stream TV online at free of cost. By using this application one can experience the unlimited entertainment. If you are looking forward to cast your favorite movie and channel, you need to go with Chrome browser with Chromecast plugin which is installed. It is the thing which helps to stream the movies and favorite channels. To make it possible, with the help of this device, you can stream, Live TV channels at free of cost.

Fix TVTAP not Working

TVTAP is one of the best online streaming app out there in the market for Android, iOS, Android Box, Roku and firestick. We have gone through all the devices where TVTAP can be streamed without any issue. In this article we are talking about How to Cast or Stream TVTAP on ChromeCast without any hassle.

Cast TvTap on Chromecast | Install TvTap on ChromeCast

When it comes to Tvtap for Chromecast, you need to search for the features hidden in it. Here we are sharing some of the features. Hope it will be helpful for you to gather some of the ideas before using it.

  • It will offer more than 9 categories to choose and stream as per your wish.
  • It does not have any option to complete the registration.
  • Experience the High Definition quality while streaming the videos.
  • It has the video scheduling feature which helps the user to watch it later.
  • It works highly without buffering.

Thus the above-mentioned features are helpful to gather importance of Streaming Tvtap app to chromecast. Try out the latest TvTap on FireTv or Firestick and Try out TvTap on Android TV Box easily.

How To Cast TVTAP APK on Chromecast | Stream TVTAP on Chromecast [STEPS]

If you are the one who is looking ahead to cast TvTap on Chromecast, then you can follow the below mentioned steps. Any of the people are having issues with streaming Tvtap on Chromecast, then check out the below steps.

  • Now, you need to download Web Video Cater application
  • First of all, you should download the TvTap apk file from the below given link

TVTAP v1.3.1 APK for Android

  • Now, it is important for you to visit the settings of your device and then click on Security option.
  • After the above process is completed, you have to disable the option “Unknown Sources” and now tap on a pop-up.


  • Search for the downloaded  TVTAP APK file and tap to install it then wait for few seconds until the entire installation is done.
  • Now, thus the TVTAP APK is installed on your Android device.
  • Choose Web Video Caster as an external player when it comes to TVTAP  settings.

TVTAP on Chromecast

  • You need to select Chromecast as a device then pair it to the Web Video Caster
  • Finally, you can cast any video channel from Tvtap application on your device to TV without hassles

Now just download your favourite movies and shows through TVTAP APK on android and just cast it through chromecast. If you guys got any queries regarding on How to Install TVTAP on Chromecast, just follow up us through the comments and we will get you with latest solution. TVTAP on Chromecast is the best way to enjoy movies on bigger screen out of ease.

[FIX] TvTap Not Working, Server Issues, Not Loading, Buffering & All Errors

We are all always craving for an entertainment to experience it. Generally, entertainment plays a crucial role and solve that what you are facing the issue for a long time. At this stage, there is an application called tvtap has been launched to stream the Live TV channels,  news, movies on Smartphone device. If you are seeking for the live TV channel streaming for a long time, then this could be the best application where one can use it. However, after started using this application, most of them are experiencing the issue like not working or crashing after certain stage. Here we have provided fix for TVTAP errors on firestick, fire TV, PC and iOS and all you want to do is to follow the same.

Fix TVTAP not Working

Everybody knows about this application which named for its offering the best outcome for the users. Despite getting famous for its amazing features, it is also facing the issues like not opening or no channels simultaneously. Whenever started using Tvtap application, it starts showing errors while streaming any of the TV channels most of the time. Here is the fix on how to stop buffering in TVTAP APK and TVTAP for iOS devices, like TVTAP is one of the best live TV out there to watch online shows and stream live TV.


How To Fix TvTap not Working | Fix TVTAP Server Issues

So, people who all are experiencing the same issue like not streaming properly for a long time on their devices, then it is essential for you to follow the essential steps when it comes to fixing it. By following it properly, you can resolve it in a quick time and start to use this application to stream without any difficulties. Make sure to follow all the steps mentioned below. If you want to try TVTAP on Android Box, Check this guide: Install Tv Tap Apk on Android Box .

  • At first, you need to visit the Settings of your Android device and then scroll down to click the Applications icon.
  • Now, it is essential for you to click the Application Manager option as a next step.

  • You can find that there is a collection of installed applications which are available in one place. Now, search for the TvTap application and then click it, once the application is found.

  • Get to view the entire details of this application. Also, you can check out the battery usage as well as data usage without any difficulties.

  • It is important to click the Storage option now.

  • Now, it is possible for you to view the options Clear Data and Clear Cache. All you need to do is to clear the data as well as cache. Once it is done, then there will be a chance of clearing the issues slightly.
  • In case, if you tap on the Clear data, then you get to see the popup and now make sure to ignore and tap the Delete button.

  • Once the Cache and data have been cleared, then you can now witness the free level of memory space.
  • At last, you can launch the TvTap application and start to stream the TV channels without experiencing any errors.

Check out the latest TVTAP on firestick from this guide: Install TVTap on Fire TV & Firestick.

Conclusion : Latest Complete fix for TVTAP not Working | Fix TVTAP Failed to Connect

To get rid of TvTap not working while streaming the TV channels on your device using this application, you need to follow the above-mentioned procedure to solve it. Hope it will be helpful for you to run your application smoothly. We have optimized this article for Android, Firestick, Fire TV, Roku and Android Box. Just let us know through the comments if you have any issues.

TvTap on Android TV Box | Install Tv Tap Apk on Android Box [ Guide ]

How to Download & Install TVTAP for Android Box & Smart TV: In this fast pace of a world, entertainment is an integral part of our life. It gives us relaxation from high-pressure work and stress. With the advent of technology and innovation, online video streaming is the best way to watch favorite serial or creator. On the internet, there are loads of apps developed which allow you to play various channels online. Today, we are going to talk about such an app that allows you to stream video content online.

TvTap App Download on Android Box and Smart TV
TvTap App Download on Android Box and Smart TV

TvTap is one of the entertainment apps on the Internet that can be run on your TV. Yes, you have heard it right. If your TV is smart or running on an Android box then, you can run this app on your television. Tv Tap App is a recently launched application that has loads of channels throughout the world. If you are living in countries like US, UK, India, Pakistan, Russia, etc. then, you can easily access this app directly on your television. In the latest version of this app, you will find 9 different categories including Movies, News, Entertainment, etc. So, without wasting any time let’s talk about download and install TvTap for Android Box & Smart TV.

Download and install TvTap for Android TV Box & Smart TV

As we know TvTap is an Android application i.e. you can easily install if your TV is running on the Android operating system. The process of installing the TvTap app on the smart TV is similar to installing the app on any Android mobile phone. Basically, there are two simple methods to install TvTap on Android or Smart TV.

  • Direct installation of TvTap apk.
  • Installation from external SD Card.

    Sports TV Channels in Tv Tap App Android Box
    Sports TV Channels in Tv Tap App

How to Install TvTap Apk on Android TV? (Direct Method)

Step 1: First of all, you have to turn on your television and Android TV box.

Step 2: At the second step, one has to open a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other.

Step 3: After that, download the TvTap Apk File on your device.   

Step 4: Once the download process successfully completed, you have to choose “All Apps” and hit on the “AppInstaller”.

Step 5: Then, you will direct to interface where you will see two options Local Disk and External Storage. If your television is connected via USB cable then, you can choose seconds option i.e. External storage.

Step 6: Choose the downloaded apk and install it on your Android TV like you install the apk file on any Android mobile device.

Step 7: Tap on the “Install” button if you want to install the apk on your TV.

Step 8: Once the installation process completed, navigate to the home screen and choose TvTap.  

Tv Tap App Movies on Smart Tv & Android Box Updated
Tv Tap App Movies on Smart Tv & Android Box

How to Install TvTap Apk on Android TV? (External SD Card)

Step 1: At the very first step, you have to open the TvTap official site on your mobile phone or PC and Download TvTap Updated Apk.

Step 2: Once the download process completed, transfer it to the SD card or flash drive.

Step 3: Now, you have to connect the SD card or Flash Drive to your Android TV.

Step 4: After that, one has to hit on the “Locals” option and open the “File Manager”.

Step 5: Then, choose the SD card from the given options by clicking on it.

Step 6: Navigate to the downloaded TvTap apk file and open it to open installation interface.

Step 7: Hit on the “Install” button to start the installation process.

Step 8: Once the installation process completed, click on “Open” to launch.

If you are facing any problem then, simply update the app for a seamless experience. In the latest version of TvTap apk file, there is no serious bug available.

TvTap on Android Box & Smart TV
TvTap on Android Box & Smart TV

Download TvTap FireStick Apk & on Fire TV Now with Updated Version

iOS Users: Download TvTap on iOS | Latest Tv Tap App on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak.

Conclusion: Tv Tap on Android Box & Tv Tap Apk on Smart TV

TvTap is the great way to watch your favorite shows at any time at free of cost. Above, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how you can install TvTap on your Android TV. If you are facing any problem while performing the above steps, let us know in the comments below. 

TvTap for PC: TVTap APK on Windows 10/8/8.1 & Windows 7/XP/Mac Laptop

How to download TvTap for Windows PC/Laptop: Who doesn’t like to watch TV? Whether you are a sports fan or a movie lover, or a kid who loves cartoons, TV has become an integral part of our lives. But it is not always possible to watch our favorite programs on TV due to any reason – be it traveling, you haven’t paid the cable bill, or something else. If you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you could a live TV streaming app, like TvTap. But no matter which Android or iOS smartphone you use, their screen isn’t comparable to a TV in terms of size.


What if you want to watch live TV on a bigger screen? If you have a Windows PC or laptop, then you could use it to watch live TV as their screen is obviously bigger then a smartphone. TvTap is an amazing live TV streaming app for Android with its user-friendly interface. No doubt, there may be other apps better than TvTap, but those would be paid whereas TvTap is 100% free. So, if you could run TvTap on your PC/laptop some way, then watching live TV will be a chinch. But it is not that easy as TvTap isn’t available for Windows operating system. Though even without having a dedicated Windows OS applications, TvTap can still work on Windows. In this post, we will tell you how to download TvTap on Windows PC or Laptop.

TvTap for PC: TvTap on Windows & Mac Laptop

Since Android shares most of the market share for smartphones, TvTap first came as an Android app. But over time as its popularity sour through the sky, iOS, FireStick, Fire TV, Android TV, etc. But even still isn’t hasn’t made it to the Windows devices officially yet. Instead, you need to download an Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop to download and watch live TV on TvTap app.

Android Emulators are applications that allow users to run Android apps on Windows PC/Laptop. There are many Android emulators available, but Bluestacks is one of the most famous ones for years. You can install the TvTap apk on the PC/Laptop through the Android emulator. Thus, although indirectly, but you will be download TvTap app on your Windows PC/Laptop and watch live TV.

iOS Users: Download Tv Tap on iOS Devices.

Features of the TvTap App on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Mac PC/Laptop

  • Watch any TV channel from all over the world.
  • Enjoy HD quality content for a rich experience.
  • It is lightweight and doesn’t require a ton of space.
  • There are a lot of categories in content like Entertainment, Movies, music, news, sports, and much more.
  • It also has recently watched and favorite categories.
  • A schedule option is also available to set reminders for live matches.
Download and Install TVTAPP on PC
TvTap on PC

Requirements to Download Tv Tap on PC

Below are given the requirements to run TvTap on Windows PC/Laptop. If your PC/Laptop meets these requirements, then you would be able to download TvTap on it.

  • Android Emulator  Bluestacks(Any stable emulator would do)
  • RAM Minimum 2GB RAM required.
  • Hard disk space – Minimum 4GB free space on your PC/Laptop
  • Supported OS – Windows 10/8.1/8/7
  • Drivers – Video and Audio drivers are required otherwise you won’t be able to watch r listen to anything on live TV.

Download Latest Tv Tap Apk{Updated Version}

How to Download TvTap on Windows 10/8.1/8 or Windows 7/XP/Mac Laptop

  1. First, download an Android emulator like Bluestacks on your computer. Since the file is over 400MB so you should have a good internet connection.
  2. Next, go to Downloads and then double-click the Bluestacks.exe file to begin the installation.
  3. When the installation is complete, the Bluestacks engine will start for the first time.

    TVTap on Windows PC using Bluestacks Emulator
    TVTap on Windows PC using Bluestacks Emulator
  4. Enable your location and then select your preferred language.
  5. Sign in to your Google account and the Bluestacks is ready to install TvTap apps. This can be don’t in two ways –

Method 1

  • Download the TvTap apk file on your computer. 
  • Then, open Bluestacks and tap on install apk button to sideload the TvTap apk. Or go to the file manager and navigate to TvTap apk file. Right click on the TvTap apk and click “Open with Bluestacks app handler”.
  • The TvTap app will start installing and can be run from Bluestacks home screen.

    TV Tap Apk Install on Laptop
    TV Tap Apk Install on Laptop

Method 2

  • In Bluestacks, click on My Apps in the top left corner and then go to System apps.
  • It will show a browser folder. Click on it and wait for it to open.
  • Now, enter in the address bar and press Enter. Download TV Tap Apk File from their official website.
  • Tap on the TvTap apk and then click on the install button. It will start the installation process.

FireStick Users: Download TvTap on FireStick, Fire TV & Android TV Box{Step by Step Guide}.

Conclusion: TvTap on PC: TV Tap Apk on Windows & Mac Laptop

TvTap is a great live TV streaming app for Android, iOS smartphones as well as FireStick, Fire TV and Android TV. But it doesn’t have Windows applications. Here, we have shown you how to download TvTap on Windows PC/Laptop with the help of Bluestacks Android Emulator. Hope, you are able to enjoy live TV streaming on your PC/laptop using TvTap following this post.

tvtap pro on ROKU

Install TVTAP App on iOS | TVTAP on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak

Do you know those days when you needed to change your schedule around your most loved TV programs and movies? Have you ever rent out latest movies CDs/DVDs from the local video store? I know you definitely did it if you are the 90s born. In this era, the technology has gone to the next level of advancement. This is a VOD aka Video on demand era where one can watch favorite shows at anytime from anywhere. There are lots of companies investing a hefty amount of money on these online services. When it comes to VOD online service, there are lots of names comes from the mind. Are you seeking for best video on demand service? If you are then, follow this post.

Updated TVTAPP on iOS

TvTap for iOS is a video on demand entertainment application that is designed for many devices. At the inception, TvTap is only designed for Android device but, after a couple of months, iOS version is also released by TvTap. TvTap has gained lots of appreciation from both Android and iOS users in a short period of time. The major reason for the popularity of this app is a clean and simple interface with million hours of content. You will find almost every channel even in your local language. There are almost 9 different categories available in TvTap on iPhone/iPad. Moreover, you can download and watch TV on demand at free of cost without spending a single penny.  You want to try out the latest TVTAP APK on android from this guide: TVTAP APK: Download TVTAP APK on Android for Live TV.

How To Download and Install  TVTAP on  iOS iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

As we know there are thousands of channels available, you can seamlessly watch them on any Android and Amazon’s Firestick without doing registration. It is also compatible with following iOS devices.

  • Every iPhone device model is supported by TvTap app that is running on iOS version 8 or higher.
  • Supported iPad devices included iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini 2.
  • TvTap also support iPod Touch.

Step 1: First of all, you have to open the App Store on your iOS device. Make sure to sign in with your Apple ID on the App Store or You can download the mobile.config file of TVTAP from here and continue to Step 4 directly.

TVTAP mobile.config file iOS

Step 2: Now, tap on the search button and search for the TVTAP app.

Step 3: Tap on the “Get” button to start the installation process.

Download and Install TVTAPP on iOS

Step 4: Once the download and installation process completed, tap on the “Open” to launch the app. There is no need of registration unlike another video on demand services for iOS.

So, this is the easiest method to Download TvTap on iOS directly from the App Store. If this method is not working then, you can follow the below method. Do you want to try out TVTAP on your fire TV or Firestick? Then this guide is for you: Install TVTap on Fire TV & Firestick | TVTap APK on Firestick.

Download and install  TVTap App on iOS iPhone/iPad using vShare

Step 1: Initially, one has to download the vShare app on your iOS device.

Step 2: Once the download process completed, you can install the app by clicking on Install or simply hit on “Get” button.

Step 3: After the installation process, tap on the “Open” to launch the vShare app.

Step 4: You will direct to the message screen with the message “Trust the application“. Simply, hit on the “Trust” button.

Step 5: Open the “vShare” app on your iOS device and search for the TvTap app.

Latest TVTAP on iOS iPhone/iPad

Step 6: You will find TvTap icon on the vShare app interface. Tap on the TvTap to start the downloading process.

Step 7: After installation, open the TvTap app to start streaming.

Conclusion: Download Latest TVTAP on iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

So, these are two methods to Download and install TvTap on iOS device. if you still have any questions or query, feel free to shoot your valuable feedback with us in the comments below.