Install TVTap APK on Android TV Box & Smart TV [2023 Guide]

How to Download & Install TVTAP for Android Box & Smart TV: In this fast pace of the world, entertainment is an integral part of our life. It gives us relaxation from high-pressure work and stress. With the advent of technology and innovation, online video streaming is the best way to watch your favourite series or creators. On the internet, there are loads of apps developed which allow you to play various channels online. Today, we will talk about such an app that allows you to stream video content online.

TvTap App Download on Android Box and Smart TV
TvTap App Download on Android Box and Smart TV

TvTap is one of the entertainment apps on the Internet that can be run on your TV. Yes, you have heard it right. If your TV is smart or running on an Android box then, you can run this app on your television. Tv Tap App is a recently launched application with loads of channels worldwide. If you are living in countries like US, UK, India, Pakistan, Russia, etc. then, you can easily access this app directly on your television. In the latest version of this app, you will find 9 different categories including Movies, News, Entertainment, etc. So, without wasting any time let’s talk about downloading and installing TvTap for Android Box & Smart TV.


Download & install TvTap for Android TV Box & Smart TV

As we know TvTap is an Android application i.e., you can easily install it if your TV is running on the Android operating system. Installing the TvTap app on smart TV is similar to installing the app on any Android mobile phone. There are two simple methods to install TvTap on Android or Smart TV.

  • Direct installation of TvTap apk.
  • Installation from external SD Card.
    Sports TV Channels in Tv Tap App Android Box
    Sports TV Channels in Tv Tap App

How to Install TvTap Apk on Android TV? [Direct Method]

This is the first method to install TVTAP APK on your Android TV using a direct method a.k.a direct installation on your device. Follow the below-given steps to make it work perfectly.

  • First, you must turn on your television and Android TV box.
  •  In the second step, one has to open a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other.
  • After that, download the TVTAP APK on your device from the link below.

TvTap APK Download  

  •  Once the download process is completed, you have to choose “All Apps” and hit on “AppInstaller”.

 Then, you will direct to the interface where you will see two options Local Disk and External Storage. If your television is connected via USB cable then, you can choose the second option, i.e. External storage.

  • Choose the downloaded APK and install it on your Android TV like you install the APK file on any Android mobile device.
  • Tap on the “Install” button to install the APK on your TV.
  • Once the installation is completed, navigate to the home screen and choose TvTap.
Tv Tap App Movies on Smart Tv & Android Box Updated
Tv Tap App Movies on Smart Tv & Android Box

For PC Users: Download Tv Tap on PC Windows 10/8/8.1 or Windows 7/XP/Mac Laptop.

How to Install TvTap Apk on Android TV? [External SD Card]

  • For the very first step, you have to open the TvTap official site or from the below-given link.

Download TvTap APK

  •  Once the download process is completed, transfer it to the SD card or flash drive.\
  • You must now connect the SD card or Flash Drive to your Android TV.
  • After that, one must hit the “Locals” option and open the “File Manager”.
  • Then, choose the SD card from the given options by clicking on it.
  • Navigate to the downloaded TvTap APK file and open it to open the installation interface.
  • Hit on the “Install” button to start the installation process.

TV Tap Apk Install on Android TV Box

  •  Once the installation process completed, click on “Open” to launch.

If you are facing any problems then update the app for a seamless experience. In the latest version of the TvTap APK file, there is no severe bug available.

TvTap on Android Box & Smart TV
TvTap on Android Box & Smart TV

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Verdict: TvTap APK Download on Android Box & Smart TV

TvTap is a great way to watch your favourite shows at any time, free of cost. Above, we have provided a step-by-step guide on installing TVTap on your Android TV Box. If you are facing any problems while performing the above steps, let us know in the comments below. 

7 thoughts on “Install TVTap APK on Android TV Box & Smart TV [2023 Guide]

  1. Have downloaded TV Tap Pro but unable to scroll down on program grid/ list formats …ok to scroll down on home drop box but not on program selections…. I am using hand remote with Smart Multimedia Q7 android box…All other applications work ok

  2. Hi nice fantastic App. Except on issue UK tv channel 5 is showing INDIAN or ARABIC please fix. Thank you

  3. Will no longer open up on mibox. Have a g_voz works fine. Seems as though Android TV is blocking it???

  4. So far, ES File Explorer has been removed from Google Play TV Store. You can find “MI Box APK Installer” and install in Shield. Once installed, APK can be easily installed from USB storage and make sideloading a piece of cake.

  5. Have tvtap installed but it only works after 9.30 PM how do I fix this fault
    Is it any thing to do with broad band server

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