Best TVTap Pro Alternatives for All Devices [2023]

TVTap is an immensely popular video streaming application and is the best in its category. With 500+ HD Channels from all over the globe, the entertainment never stops on TvTap APK. Hence, if you are facing certain issues with TvTap then we recommend trying upgrading the application first before trying any other alternative application. However, if the issues still remain unresolved then there is, absolutely, no need to worry as the development team of TvTap will fix the same soon.

Best TVTap Pro Alternatives [2022]

You must know that majority of the issues which the users might face with TvTap Pro are server-related. Since the number of users of TvTap is growing with each passing day, server related issues are bound to come. But, the development team working behind TvTap has ensured that all the server related issues will be resolved soon as the team is currently working on incorporating more servers and migrating to high-end servers. Till then, you are welcome to try out the following TvTap Pro Alternative applications. Check Complete guide on “TVTap Pro Apk Updated Version Installation Guide“.


Best TvTap Pro Alternatives

Though it is pretty tough to list out the alternatives of a great application like TvTap, however, the ones mentioned below are good enough to solve your purpose temporarily till TvTap Pro comes online.

Live Lounge (Live TV)

Live Lounge is a Live TV Application whose name often crops out with TvTap. Though the user interface of the application is not that much appealing; it has considerable stuff present in it. Moreover, this application receives multiple updates in a single month. Hence, the latest content will be available in the application well on time. The application hosts various categories like TV Shows, Movies, Live IPTV, and Sports, etc.

Live Lounge TV - TVTap Perfect Replacement
Live Lounge TV – TVTap Perfect Replacement

Hence, if you really have to stay away from TvTap Pro for a while then Live Lounge is your best option.

CKay TV (Live TV)

CKay TV is second on our list and is quite a big name itself in the category of Live TV applications. Just like TvTap CKay TV also hosts more than 500 Live TV Channels in HD. Moreover, if you are a sports fan then CKay TV is probably the best for you after TvTap. The application is exceedingly good in providing streaming services of sports channels.

CKayTV App - Alternative to TVTap Pro APK
CKayTV App – Alternative to TVTap Pro

Snappy Streamz Live TV

Snappy Streamz Live TV Application is considerably old in the field; however, it still manages to compete with the top players of the arena. In fact, Snappy Streamz manages to get a spot in top three Live TV applications in the current market. Using Snappy Streamz is pretty easy as it doesn’t require you to download an external player for playback. The internal player of the application is enough to play all the Live TV content.

Snappy Streamz App Alternative
Snappy Streamz App

The good thing about Snappy Streamz is that buffering issues come up pretty less as compared to other relative applications. Also, Have a check on TVTap Pro(TVTap App) Installation Guide on iOS Devices.

Live Planet TV

This application, true to its name, is like having an entire planet itself on your Android device. While other relative applications might provide you 500 or 700 plus channels, Live Planet TV application provides you with 2000+ TV channels from all over the globe. Hence, entertainment is truly infinite with Live Planet TV. All the major players like MX Player, XMTV Player etc. are supported by the application.

Live Planet TV App - Similar TVTap Pro App
Live Planet TV App – Similar TVTap Pro App

Master Pocket TV

Standing above Live Planet TV in terms of the sheer number of channels available, Master Pocket TV provides you access to about 5000+ TV channels from all across the planet. Even with such a big number of channels available, the user interface of the application is pretty convenient and easy to understand. One can access his/her favorite content in a matter of few clicks.

Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV is a new player in the field; however, it has garnered enough loyal users under its hood. The entire credit of this goes to the hard-working development team of the application which makes sure that the latest content is available to the users well in time.

Morpheus TV - Alternative to TVTap Pro App
Morpheus TV – Alternative to TVTap Pro App

 Ocean Streamz APK

Ocean Streamz APK is one of the famous movie streaming apps in the market. Ocean Streamz app doesn’t produce or host movies/TV shows on their servers. They crawl other streaming sites those host movies, TV serials, web series, etc, and provide you the streaming link of those shows for free. Ocean Streamz is a multiplatform compatible app that can be installed on all the devices such as Android mobiles, iOS devices, Firestick, Nvidia shield, and FireTV. The user interface of the Ocean Streamz APK is very simple and contains no ads. You can watch all the shows without any interruption by the ads. You can also search for your favorite TV show episodes using the search box on the home screen of the Ocean Streamz app.

Ocean Streamz APK


Watching movies/TV shows on the official streaming platforms is getting costlier nowadays. Also, you may not be able to watch all your favorite TV shows in one shot since all the shows are not available on a single streaming platform. You should subscribe to multiple streaming platforms which makes it costlier. But CucoTV APK lets you watch all the latest movies in high-quality streaming links. You need not pay a single dime to the app. You can watch all the content available in the CucoTV library for free. The best part about the CucoTV app is that you can install Cuco TV APK on all your favorite devices including gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. Also, the Cuc TV app is completely ad-free without annoying pop-ups and display ads.


Pluto TV APK

Pluto TV app is an official streaming app that streams exclusive movies, television shows, live sports channels, gaming videos, documentaries, etc. There are two versions of the Pluto TV app. Premium version and the paid version. Even in the free version of the Pluto app, you can stream 1000’s of free movies and TV serials. The Pluto TV app is frequently updated with new content and you will never run out of fresh content to watch. Some of the exclusive shows like Unsolved Mysteries, Glory kickboxing, the Fear factor can only be watched in the Pluto TV APK. Almost all the shows available in the Pluto TV app have subtitles and you need not download subtitles separately. You can also request for latest movies using the request section of the app.

Pluto TV APK


TvMob APK is famous for its 1000s of online live TV channels. If you are looking to watch international sports or live news channels for free then you can use the TvMob app. The library of the TvMob app literally has ten thousand live streaming channels that are broadcasted around the world. Some of the live channels are restricted for people inside a specific country and some are paid channels. But with TvMob APK you can watch any live channel from anywhere in the world without any restriction. You can stream all the channels in the library free for unlimited hours. Some of the popular channels like Sky Sports, Premium sports HD, ESPN are available to stream on TvMob APK. The TvMob app also has kid’s channels where kids can watch unlimited cartoons.


These are the latest and most updated alternatives of TvTap PRO available in the app market right now, we will be updating the best applications on the roll, visit frequently and note the same.

Final Words – Similar Apps & TVTap Pro Alternatives [2023]

So, these are the few applications you can depend upon if you require staying away from TvTap for a while. There are some honourable mentions as well like RedBox TV, Live Net TV, etc. If you are utilizing any other TvTap Pro Alternatives which is not mentioned in the above list and you are pretty much satisfied with it then let us know about the same in the comments section provided below and we will make that application a part of our list of best TvTap Pro alternatives.

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