[FIX] TvTap Not Working, Server Issues, Not Loading, Buffering & All Errors

We are all always craving for an entertainment to experience it. Generally, entertainment plays a crucial role and solve that what you are facing the issue for a long time. At this stage, there is an application called tvtap has been launched to stream the Live TV channels,  news, movies on Smartphone device. If you are seeking for the live TV channel streaming for a long time, then this could be the best application where one can use it. However, after started using this application, most of them are experiencing the issue like not working or crashing after certain stage. Here we have provided fix for TVTAP errors on firestick, fire TV, PC and iOS and all you want to do is to follow the same.

Fix TVTAP not Working

Everybody knows about this application which named for its offering the best outcome for the users. Despite getting famous for its amazing features, it is also facing the issues like not opening or no channels simultaneously. Whenever started using Tvtap application, it starts showing errors while streaming any of the TV channels most of the time. Here is the fix on how to stop buffering in TVTAP APK and TVTAP for iOS devices, like TVTAP is one of the best live TV out there to watch online shows and stream live TV.


How To Fix TvTap not Working | Fix TVTAP Server Issues

So, people who all are experiencing the same issue like not streaming properly for a long time on their devices, then it is essential for you to follow the essential steps when it comes to fixing it. By following it properly, you can resolve it in a quick time and start to use this application to stream without any difficulties. Make sure to follow all the steps mentioned below. If you want to try TVTAP on Android Box, Check this guide: Install Tv Tap Apk on Android Box .

  • At first, you need to visit the Settings of your Android device and then scroll down to click the Applications icon.
  • Now, it is essential for you to click the Application Manager option as a next step.

  • You can find that there is a collection of installed applications which are available in one place. Now, search for the TvTap application and then click it, once the application is found.

  • Get to view the entire details of this application. Also, you can check out the battery usage as well as data usage without any difficulties.

  • It is important to click the Storage option now.

  • Now, it is possible for you to view the options Clear Data and Clear Cache. All you need to do is to clear the data as well as cache. Once it is done, then there will be a chance of clearing the issues slightly.
  • In case, if you tap on the Clear data, then you get to see the popup and now make sure to ignore and tap the Delete button.

  • Once the Cache and data have been cleared, then you can now witness the free level of memory space.
  • At last, you can launch the TvTap application and start to stream the TV channels without experiencing any errors.

Check out the latest TVTAP on firestick from this guide: Install TVTap on Fire TV & Firestick.

Conclusion : Latest Complete fix for TVTAP not Working | Fix TVTAP Failed to Connect

To get rid of TvTap not working while streaming the TV channels on your device using this application, you need to follow the above-mentioned procedure to solve it. Hope it will be helpful for you to run your application smoothly. We have optimized this article for Android, Firestick, Fire TV, Roku and Android Box. Just let us know through the comments if you have any issues.

13 thoughts on “[FIX] TvTap Not Working, Server Issues, Not Loading, Buffering & All Errors

  1. HI
    tvtap just buffers all the time.I have a 20 mbps fibre line ,tvtap is on a firestick which also has netflix and other tv apps on it
    its the only one that buffers.i have cleared the chace and data it doesn’t help.

  2. Clearing cache and data for the“ tv tap“ application settings on the firestick did not completely eliminate buffering. Is there any other possiblities?

  3. The above Clearing advice doesn’t help when the problem is a wrong channel reception. Eg. Sky Atlantic (not HD) should be showing David Attenborough but actually televising Sky Sport Racing, Horse Racing.

  4. I clear the cache all the time and it still does the same .not work. Fix your app and you will have happy people

  5. The above method didn’t solve the issues. I have a 100mbs connection and the app still buffers. I have noticed it happens several minutes after viewing a channel then starts buffering a few times then goes to black screen. I never had this issue on previous versions of the app just on 2.8. Could it be a bug in the update?

  6. I also have buffering and artifacts appearing on screen using the firestick, my connection is 40+mbps why is thos?

  7. Hi I have today found this app TVTAP Firestick and was pretty impressed, that was until I tried watching the soccer on Sky Sports Football.. It kept looping and going back to when I first selected the game.. I have 350Mbts download and 25Mbts upload.. network levels show as VERY GOOD on signal and strength, so not sure as to what is going on..

    Can you please give advise..

    thanks Ron

  8. Not 1 channel working fixed white screen so channels show clicked on at least 30 main channels it just spins

    I don’t think this is real
    Every channel just spins forever… With vpn or without
    Cleared cache restarted firestick and android phone.
    It’s the same on 2 different devices. Have Verizon quantum 100 down 50 up
    Thanks for wasting everyone’s time just like tvtap. Original. Freeze buffer. And so on

  9. Clearing cache and data dosent make any difference..constant buffering.channel to programme not in sync on some channels..best app on the mkt when working..upgrades have made it worse..

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